Adventure in Mayan's ruins

The best place to visit in Cancun

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One of the best place to visit in Cancun is Tulum. Also this place is wonderful and you can’t miss this oportunity. So let’s go to know more about Tulum. In a fact in the Yucatec language Tulum means “wall”, referring to the large barricade that surrounds the settlement. The Mayan people know Tulum as Zama. It means “dawn,” an appropriate name given its eastern location. The explorers Stephens and Catherwood discovered the site in 1841 and they called Tullum. They visited Tulum just before the beginning of the Caste War in 1847, long after the city was abandoned.

The best place to visit in Cancun

Come to explore coral reefs, ancient history, and nature in the Riviera Maya. With a combination tour that features some of the best of Yucatan in a single day. You will practice snorkel through the coral reef in the Caribbean Sea then dare yourself to visit the Tulum archeological site. You will swim in a cenote and then you can explore a limestone cave and don’t forget to take a jungle walk and meet the magnific beauty of Yucatan’s jungle.

The best place to visit in Cancun

The best place to visit in Cancun

When you settled in the heart of the jungle and facing the turquoise sea. You will meet the ruins of Tulum. They are a stop you cannot miss when you’re traveling to the Riviera Maya. The main building of Tulum is a large stone structure called The Castle. Transport yourself in the history along with your guide while you sightsee Tulum, formerly Zamal (which in Mayan means morning or dawn), and visit the Mayan Jungle a charming place full of internal cenotes with crystalline waters where you can do Zipline and Rappel.

The best place to visit in Cancun

The best place to visit in Cancun

Feel the adrenaline of riding your own 4×4 ATV and prepare yourself to live the most extreme experiences in Tulum. Don’t hesitate to try the differents activities in this wonderful place and If you want to know more about this wonderful place please check the link and you can book your visit here we are wating for you.

So please check out our home page:

Caribbean Holiday

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Holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year and they get better if you spend them at the Caribbean, have a look to the best activities offer, to live an unforgettable Caribbean Holiday.

For example swim with turtles, dive, snorkel, explore a cenote or a cavern and pump up your heart with zip lines.

So keep reading to know where to do this great plans at the caribbean.

Caribbean Holiday

Caribbean Holiday

An amazing idea could be to take advantage of your time by visiting the Mayan ruins of Coba & Tulum the same day. In conclusion, you would save an extra day to relax.

In short, enjoy one of the best preserved coastal Mayan sites and show of your picture on fb with your friends.

Caribbean Holiday

Caribbean Holiday

Caribbean Holiday

Now I want to propose you something that for no doubt should be on your bucket list. And it is the Sky Rider Experience.

Here you can check out the Cancun hotels from way up high.

Caribbean Vacations

Sit back in comfort and gaze at the impressive sites of the Caribbean, Nichupte lagoon and Cancun hotel zone.

Caribbean Holiday

Shoot across the water in a shuttle boat.

Then when you arrive at the flight area you will be transfer to the comfort of the SkyRider seat.

Holidays at the Caribbean

The fun begins as you slowly and smoothly rise up above the water and witness the astounding views of Cancun.

No need to say that this activity provides the best pictures.

Caribbean Holiday

On the other hand, let me tell you that there is no way you finish your holidays at the caribbean without visiting Chichen Itza.

 Because it is one of the new wonders in the world.

So you can visit this wonderfull place with the best service and the most experienced guides to ensure you an unforgettable experience.

Caribbean Holiday

And to make it better the admission to the archeological site with a bilingual guide is included.

Certainly the magic is even present at the lunch because you will enjoy a Mexican buffet.

Caribbean Vacations

In short, take your swuimsuit and camera, it’s adventure time!

Caribbean Holiday

Catamaran tours Cancun

Cancun Deals

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Cancun Deals

Are you planning your vacations on Cancun? But maybe you’re short on time. Therefore here I’ll show you the best tour deals you can do in Cancun.

Cancun Deals

I’m sure you’ve heard that there’s a place in Mexico with stunning cotton-candy pink lakes filled with salt. Well this place is Las Coloradas.

Great Cancun Deals

The small village with the incredible landscape is on the top of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.

The region is part of the Rio Lagartos Biosphere Reserve.

As a result it’s a protected wetlands area. Home to animals like flamingos, crocodiles, sea turtles, jaguars, and all kinds of seabirds.

It covers some 150,000 acres.

There are great tours that come with A/C transportation, continental breakfast ( coffee, sweet bread, fruit and juice) and lunch.

Also they include a guided tour at the hacienda, las Coloradas and Rio Lagartos.

But above all a mud bath, to make unforgettable the experience.

This magical place full of color, on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico is a must for your Instagram

Amazing Cancun Business

Cancun Deals

If you want to travel and learn some culture, maybe Chichen Itza is the perfect plan for you.

This worldwide most famous archeological site is located on the Yucatán Peninsula, about 120 km to the east of Mérida.

Cancun Deals

It’s a large Mayan city known for a big pyramid temple dedicated to Kukulkan, the Plumed Serpent.

There are comfortable buses with breakfast included that takes you there.

In conclusion the tours with these buses come with a guided tour to the pyramid, admission to the archeological site and in addition a visit to an underwater sinkhole.

Cancun Deals

Cancun Deals

For instance here’s another great plan that involves swimming with marvelous turtles.

You can visit Tulum one of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites. Walk around the ruins and take some pictures.

In addition to refresh you can go on a snorkel adventure and snorkel with turtles at Akumal Bay.

Cancun Deals

Cancun Adventures

Caribbean Deals For You

Would you like to experience something that seems from other world?

In other words a cavern adventure .

After walking the ancient trade city of Tulum, enter to the underground caverns. An amazing subterranean system in the heart of the jungle.

At the spectacular cenote caves and tunnels you’ll appreciate stalactites and stalagmites.

Meanwhile you listen to vivid storytelling as the guide illustrates the ruins.

Consequently you’ll imagine life as it was during the height of the Mayan Empire.

And most importantly you can have lunch in the beach club.

Riviera Maya Deals

Snorkel riviera maya

Don’t think it twice, you should visit Xel Ha. There’s no way you leave the Riviera Maya without visiting one of the world’s greatest Natural Wonders, that offers a great experience.

Practice snorkeling and see hundreds of colorful fish as well as a great diversity of marine species that inhabit its cove and cenotes.

Certainly it’s an All Inclusive Park, in other words it’s an all fun inclusive.

There are water activities, ecological attractions and restaurants.

Moreover the best scenery to admire while you relax in a hammock or maybe stroll the nooks and crannies of Xel Ha .

As you see this experience is great, with the hot weather spending some time at the cenotes, lagoons or caves will be the best plan.

If you are with your family in Playa del Carmen a great idea for the day is the nature park Xcaret .

For example there are more than 50 natural and cultural attractions.

You can swim in underground rivers. and appreciate the animals from the Aviary, Coral Reef Aquarium, and the Butterfly Pavilion.

And finally you’ll eat delicious Mexican and international dishes.

Cancun Offers

Great Cancun Deals

So have you already picked one option to spend the day?

Because if not, Xenses can change this.

You can spend very special moments with your family or friends at Xenses, a half day park with activities and amazing scenarios to arise your senses to the fullest.

Doesn’t it sound cool to spend your days off covered in mud, floating in a salt river, and purifying your skin with potent streams of water?

All this is posible in Xenses at the Natural Xpa.

Discover Mexico on a fast descent on a Slip slide and on the Bird Flight zip-line.

Here you’ll have the chance to live a tour through different ecosystems in pitch black darkness.

A walkway to experience what it would be like to be a giant or a dwarf or probably a little piece of Eden to interact with nature.

Also the inside of the earth among caverns and caves, fun optical illusions, and a delicious lemonade tree at Xitric Garden.

There are more than 50 fantastic scenarios you can visit.

For example a tunnel of hearts, lift the weight of the world with your hands, float inside a pool without getting wet, and many others.

Cancun Discounts

I can’t explain how awesome Xenses is, therefor you need to visit it.

The best Cancun Deals

First of all feel like a explorer and go into the Mayan cenotes through jungle terrain on your very own Polaris UTV.

Outdoor adventures will make you feel the rush of true exploration by rappelling into the heart of a cenote, or flying down an aquatic zip line into the refreshing, cool waters.

In short don’t miss the chance to appreciate and fascinate with the natural beauty of cenotes.

And certainly the amazing facts of archeology that this places offers.

Finally snorkel near ancient rock formations. Learn about the Mayan underworld with expert guides.

That is to say live the Yucatan jungles.

Im sure no matter which option you pick you’ll spend a great day.

Jungle tour Cancun

Caribbean Deals

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Caribbean Deals

Are you on vacations and looking for amazing experiences in the caribbean, take advantage of the great prices Caribbean Deals offers.

Caribbean Deals

Which place from the Caribbean you’ve always wanted to visit?

How about Isla Mujeres? Wouldn’t it be amazing if you go on a Luxury Catamaran.

Isla Mujeres is 13km from the Cancun coast, a destination any person should have on their bucket list.

Find panoramic pools, hammocks and lounge chairs.

Have a great sailing day while you enjoy the open bar and quality drinks.

Also you can snorkel in the reefs next to Isla Mujeres. The calm waters and the beautiful corals are astonishing.

Have a nice lunch at the “Ice Bar” and relax sight-seeing the island.

Loma Bonita in Puerto Morelos is another great spot to have a perfect day trip in nature.

Birds, iguanas, monkeys, even jaguars, all this you can sight see on this tour. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the lush foliage and local wildlife.

You’ll start this jungle adventure flying!!! How? With an exciting speedy zip line circuit over the jungle canopy. As well you can increase the adrenaline with challenging hanging bridges.

It may sound risky but don’t worry about a thing because all the time you’ll be guided by expert guides that ensure your safety.

After this heart pumping challenge to slow down a bit get ready for a horseback riding tour!

Gentle horses will lead you along the trails, a peaceful and high nature contact way to experience the beauty of the tropical Puerto Morelos jungle.

To conclude this fabulous day a visit to “Cenote Las Mojarras” a sacred ancient “swimming hole” that invites you to splash, swim and revive in its fresh waters.

It’s time to chill out at the jungle!! Give it a try.

I’m sure you won’t regret.

Caribbean Deals

Caribbean Deals

Are you an adrenaline junkie? So Zip line and Cenote Swimming is your thing.

To have the best Puerto Morelos jungle view you should try the zipline adventure in Loma Bonita, no doubt it’s going to take your breath away.

To keep the mood, race your way through jungle paths on powerful ATVs! 

ATV tour is a blast, hold on tight as you roar down the wide paths then get down and dirty in challenging narrow trails through the jungle.

Best ziplines in Cancun

And to conclude the 3 pack ATV nothing better than a refreshing visit to a sacred cenote called “Cenote Mojarras”. 

Dive off one of the high platforms, dare to splash down on a water landing zipline or just swing in a hammock and listen to the breeze in the trees. Give yourself the chance to live this unforgettable jungle tour.

Caribbean Deals

Caribbean Deals

Let’s keep moving around the jungle and there’s no best way than driving a speedboat out on the Nichupte Lagoon. Drive a speedboat for 45 minutes, then go snorkeling for 35 minutes at one of Cancun’s reefs.

Then drive back 45 minutes. Enjoy with all the family this short but fun and unforgetabble activity. 

Best Caribbean Deals

And wouldn’t it be thrilling to learn about mayan culture meanwhile you are in adventure? Parque maya Mangroove tour can let you have this.

Be comfortable at the movie theater and watch an original short film tribute to the Mayan culture.

Great way to understand and appreciate this magnificent culture.

Then fly 1,500ft. over the Nichupté lagoon, suspended 65ft. high through 5 zip line towers filled with pure adrenaline. At the end, another 230ft. of fun will be waiting for you in our 6 ropes course challenges.

And you will ride 6.8 miles through the mangroves of the Nichupte Lagoon.

In addition you will listen from your guide the explanation about the great importance of mangroves for the ecosystem and its symbiosis with the lagoon and the local fauna, birds, reptiles and other local animals.

But this is not all, there’s more, you can also participate with Mayan warriors in different ceremonies and dances.

All this at the Mayan Path cross hanging bridges and learn through replicas of Mayan stelae of temples and gods.

The last activity of the tour, needs to be a really special one, so you’ll be taken to a place where you will be surrounded by Mayan Warriors and at the center, you will be able to observe a huge Mayan calendar.

Learn about the calendar and its sacred solar cycles, participate with the characters into a Mayan offering to the gods.

And with so much activity you’ll be hungry, no worries because the lunch experience offered will blow up your mind.

A delicious food typical of the Mayan region, a combination of flavors of the peninsula, accompanying this delight of the Yucatecan food, will be served with fresh natural waters, in a unique atmosphere.

This tour is highly recommended because for your comfort it includes, harness and safety helmets, life jacket, souvenir bandana and locker service.

So, you only need to be alert to see the wildlife and enjoy!!

Caribbean Deals

Adventure tours Cancun

And if you still are not sure about what to do, i’m sure you won’t resist this activity.

The subsee is for you, if you want to see the underwater life but you don’t want to get in the water.

This is the best activity to see sea life underwater without having to get wet.

The Caribbean is full of great options, just pick one and live it.

Explore what you’ve always desired and let us help you plan your perfect trip.