Best Snorkeling in Cancun

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Best Snorkeling in Cancun

The most exciting way to discover the caribbean is by snorkeling in Cancun and its wonderful coral reefs! Check out the best tours in Cancun.

Best Snorkeling in Cancun

In this blog I’ll share with you the best spots to snorkel in the Caribbean. So you can enjoy nature and get to know the marine life.

The fist idea is go to the  Yal ku lagoon , where you can see turtles, rays, barracudas, parrot fish and other interesting sea creatures.

Maybe you would like to know, why this place and not other? Why is Yal ku lagoon so attractive?

It is because when its a rough sea day you have the chance to go to the lagoon and snorkel. Its protected from the main body of water so it remains calm.

And its not just the lagoon why I recommend this place its also because the surroundings. Paths, waterfront benches, palapas and statues will fulffil your eyes.

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This is an experience for everyone. No matter if you are a beginner because there are platforms and stairs in the water for easy entering and exiting.

Also the water is not deep [6 – 15 ft.], so you can feel comfortable knowing you are not in the deep sea.

No doubt it’s a great plan if you go with children, first-timers, and people who are not great swimmers.

You’ll get great instagram pictures!

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Don’t miss this chance to see underwater caves and mini valleys, the underwater landscape is fascinating. You’ll have unforgettable experiences.

The Best Snorkeling in Cancun

Best Snorkeling in Cancun

Do you want to make out the most of your time?

Are you on your last day and want to do something fast, so the 2.5 snorkel session is for you.

Don’t think it twice and enjoy a half day personalized snorkel tour. At 2 different snorkel location.

Snorkel in the 2nd largest coral reef in the world next to Isla Mujeres.

It’s a personalized service offered by a great crew that help and guide you through the experience, with less than 10 people.

Best Snorkeling in Cancun

If you are still not sure about what to do, maybe this idea will change your mind.

Visit one of the best ruins in Mexico, Tulum but not just walking, give a twist to your holidays and be at this beautiful place snorkeling.

Best Snorkeling in Cancun

Live a guided tour of the ruins. Then go on a snorkeling adventure and visit different cenotes and snorkel in an inlet to see the sea life.

I’m pretty sure that a picture of you here, will look wonderful on your Facebook.

Snorkel riviera maya

Now let’s move to Loma Bonita were the plan won’t be just snorkeling but also pump up your heart with the ziplines.

Feel like Tarzan is possible at the heart of the Puerto Morelos jungle, fly over the treetops and dive into a gorgeous sacred cenote!

The Loma Bonita Cancun 2 pack Jungle Classic is just fun. No experience necessary, friendly guides teach you all you need to know to have fun like a Pro.

Once you’ve worked up a sweat in the treetops, you’ll be taken to snorkel to 2 different reefs for 45 minutes in each.

Best Snorkeling and Ziplines

In case you are an adventurous person but also like comfort the luxury sailing and snorkeling is for you.

Discover remarkable offshore locations along the Caribbean coastline aboard a luxury sailing catamaran . Nothing better to relax.

Best Snorkeling in Cancun

Sail to one of the most impressive reefs in the Caribbean for a snorkeling adventure.

Our sailboats offer a first-class, unobtrusive way to catch a glimpse of wildlife, stingrays and sometimes even turtles!

Sailing, attentive service, stand-up paddle boarding, swimming, and snorkeling is at this half day excursion.

You deserve a day like this.

Best ziplines in Cancun

Till now we’ve review short, luxury and pumping heart plans. But we haven’t covered a great combo tour like this one. So here it is, ziplane & snorkeling tour .

With this tour beside enjoy of adventure you will learn from mayan culture. Because the first activity is at the movie theatre, watch a short film tribute to the mayan culture

Through images and stories you’ll understand and appreciate more about the mayan vision.

And the time to flight starts 1,500ft. over the Nichupte lagoon, suspended 65ft. high through our 5 zip line towers filled with pure adrenaline.

At the end, another 230ft. of fun will be waiting for you in our 6 ropes course challenges where you will be suspended 21ft. above the lagoon.

Best Snorkeling in Cancun

After this navigate the Nichupte Lagoon in a 30-minute journey, while reach the reef of “El Meco”, a place full of marine life and magical colors.

I can’t explain how amazing it is, but it’s more than extraordinary to snorkel at the Marine Museum . You will be amazed with a visit to a sunken ship.

At the return you’ll cross the mangrove swamps of the Nichupte lagoon, observing birds. Be part of this ecosystem, live the lagoon and the local fauna.

Then go through the beautiful Mayan Path. You’ll get the chance to participate with Mayan warriors in different ceremonies and dances, cross hanging bridges and learn through replicas of Mayan stelae of temples and gods.

Best Snorkeling in the Caribbean

And the best is saved for the end, because the last activity of the tour is at a magical place where at the center, you will be able to observe a huge Mayan calendar.

And of course the experience is not complete without a delightful lunch. A delicious food typical of the Mayan region, a combination of flavors of the peninsula, accompanying this delight of the Yucatecan food, will be served with fresh natural waters, in a unique atmosphere.

Wich option fits the best for you?

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