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When the sun sets, the tree branches tame the direct sun’s rays and large crowds normally present during the day dissipate, allowing us the opportunity to show you the marvelous archaeological Coba area in an exclusive, more comfortable setting.

Have you ever wondered what would it be to fully experience the Mayan culture? Our Cultural option provides you with the opportunity to visit Mayan villages, where you will learn about medicinal plants and Meliponas bees of the region. You will also visit a traditional Mayan pottery workshop and have the chance to make your own Mayan-style pottery piece!

After the adventure you will be whisked away to enjoy a unique swimming experience in the pure and crystalline waters of a beautiful Cenote, before heading to the Coba pyramid (which is the tallest in the Yucatan peninsula). This pyramid is embedded in the majestic Mayan jungle and surrounded by beautiful lagoons.

Enjoy this unique tour through the archaeological ruins by bicycle or bicycle-taxi. Our certified INAH (National History and Anthropology Institute) guides will show you the monumental structures, the traditional Mayan ball game, the pyramids, the observatory, and important Mayan stelae.

A traditional Mexican dinner is an ideal way to wrap up your Coba Sunset Tour experience. The rendezvous point for dinner is directly in front of the main lagoon of Coba. The buffet-style dinner will include foods typical of the region, including Pibil chicken or pork, Mexican style rice and beans. Other options include spaghetti and salad. It is also possible to substitute warm water lobster for an additional cost. Red or white wine or natural fruit water will also be served.

The traditional dining experience is enhanced by a live performance of an excerpt from the sacred Mayan book of Popol Vuh, portrayed by authentic Mayan performers and musicians. In this passage the divine mythical twins defeat the Lord of the underworld in a ball game match.


   -First class transportation with A/A and traveler insurance.

   -INAH certified Bilingual guide.

   -Guided archaeological route through Coba’s ruins.

   -Bottled water.

   -Bicycle rental or upgrade to Bicycle-taxi ($5 USD additional).

   -Buffet-style dinner.

   -Cenote swimming experience.

   -Pottery workshop.

   -Mayan performance during dinner.

   -White or red wine or natural fruit water at dinner.



   -Biodegradable sunblock and bug repellent.

   -Cash for souvenirs.





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